168 Shopping Mall – Wholesale and Retail Shopping Mall in Manila

Divisoria is one of the most popular bargain, retail and wholesale shopping hubs in the Philippines, and 168 Shopping Mall is one of the most frequented establishments in the district. This 25,000 square meter, three-story complex attracts almost a little over 25,000 people on weekdays and 45,000 people on weekends.

This is one among the several malls in the area which have numbers for their names. It is named as such, as the three numbers are said to be good luck in Chinese. The numbers are loosely translated into the phrases “Road to Prosperity” or “Continue being Prosperous.

168 Shopping mall manila

Revolutionizing Bargain Shopping

The mall sits in Divisoria, which is known to be the market area in the Binondo district of Manila. It has thrived over the years is known for its streets lined with shops and commercial establishments that sell almost everything.

In the past, a trip to Divisoria was never for the faint of heart. One had to brave the crowds, the heat of the sun, the tight alleyways and the dangers of pickpockets to get from one shop to the other. 168 Shopping Mall was one of the earliest establishments to institutionalize the whole Divisoria experience into one modern shopping complex, making it a safer, more comfortable and easier option for many shoppers. The mall draws people from all ages and walks of life – including local celebrities and even a former first lady of the country.

What’s Inside

168 Mall consists of three buildings, aptly dubbed Mall 1, Mall 2 and Mall 3 which are interconnected. It features escalators and elevators for easy access to its thousands of stalls. Within you will find stalls that provide retail and wholesale on anything from fashion items, shoes, accessories, school supplies, novelty items, furniture, household items, electronics and more.

Also inside the complex is a vast food court that serves Filipino and Chinese food as well as a ATM machines, a bank, a game arcade, a lottery outlet and a courier service. Like big malls, 168 also has its own activity center, where presentations and celebrity mall tours are held during Saturdays.

168 Shopping mall manila

Products – Everything You Need

What makes the mall an exciting place to shop is that it has practically everything you need. Whether you’re purchasing for personal use or buying for your shop, you will find items that will suit your needs and tastes. A quick note though – you won’t find branded products and luxury items here.

You will most likely come across brand less items and Class A knockoffs. Quality wise, the products are fine – not spectacular – but fine, which is acceptable due to their very low prices.


168 Mall is located between Santa Elena and Soler Streets in Divisoria, Binondo, Manila.

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Opening Hours

The mall is open from 7:30 AM until 7:30 PM every day.


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