A Guide To Mall Shopping in Divisoria

Divisoria is a treasure-trove of finds for bargain-hunters and sellers looking for supplies alike. While you can find small shops and stalls in the streets, one of the best places to hunt for wholesale bargains is still inside their malls. Here is a list of malls to go to when you are there:

168 Mall

When people say they’re going to Divisoria to do some shopping, most of the time they actually mean they are going to 168 Mall. It has become quite a favorite for bargain hunters and celebrities alike. It has gathered so many people over the past years that they have expanded to accommodate more customers. One of their best highlights is their updated Bridal Section at the 4th Level, where you can buy textile and ready to wear bridal dresses that can actually rival those from any mid-scale couturier or designer.

Store Hours: 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Daily
Location: Santa Elena St., Divisoria, Binondo, Manila

168 Shopping mall manila

Tutuban Mall

Like the little sibling of 168 Mall, Tutuban is a little smaller but is comprised of a center mall, cluster buildings and shops and a prime block shop. At night, the mall transforms into a night market where you can find stalls of all kinds of dry merchandise.

Store Hours: 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM (mall) and 12:00 AM (night market)
Location: C.M. Recto Avenue, Binondo, Metro Manila

tutuban mall

999 Mall

999 Mall is located in front of 168 Mall and is also very accessible. There are three levels in the building and a supermarket at the basement. This mall is not so crowded as the more popular 168 mall, but has lesser items. The price, though, is fairly similar.

Store Hours: 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM daily
Location: Soler St., Binondo, Manila

Lucky Chinatown Mall

This is a newer mall in comparison to the others in Divisoria – and you can expect to find higher end shops inside as well as high end restaurants. It is a good place to visit when you’re done with the frazzling atmosphere of the streets and the other malls. If you’re up for some fun, the mall has a casino and a modern cinema. They also have a supermarket which has ample supply of international and Asian food ingredients.

Store Hours: Reina Regente Corner Dela Reina, Divisoria, Binondo, 1006 Manila, Philippines
Location: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM daily

lucky chinatown manila

Just as in all shops and stores in Divisoria (unless you are at a restaurant or a franchise chain or supermarket), don’t be afraid to haggle for the price. If you purchase wholesale you will definitely have a bigger discount as well.


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