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Everyone needs electrical and lighting supplies from time to time. You might need to buy an extension wire for your home office or buy new lights for the bathroom. Or, you may find yourself in need of batteries, an exhaust fan or perhaps a smoke detector. Whether you need electrical and lighting supplies for home or industrial use, Arnaiz Electronics and Electrical Supply is a great place to find wholesale products of that sort. This retail and wholesale company was founded in 2007 and provides customers with a wide range of products such as batteries, electrical supplies, lighting supplies and more.

arnaiz wholesale electronic

Some products you can find at Arnaiz Electronics and Electrical Supply include:

Batteries: Alkaline, Lithium Ion, Rechargeable batteries and chargers

Electrical Supplies: AVRs, Inverters, Adaptors, Surge Protectors, Extension Cords, Cables, Wires, Cable Tires, Exhaust Fans, Smoke Detectors

Lighting: Fluorescent tubes, halogen bulbs, CFL, Metal Halide Lamps, UV lights, Flash lights and search lights

Power Tools: Soldering guns

Home supplies: Medicine cabinet, medical grade weighing scale, non-stick pots and pans, kitchen utensils and tools

All of their products are on hand which you can pick right up at the store. However, you can also order products for wholesale or try to get those that are not available at the store, and be sure that the products arrive on your target date. Whether you need electric and lighting supplies for your new home or buying supplies for your store, you can be sure to find your needs at Arnaiz.

Arnaiz Electronics and Electrical Supply is located at 215C A. S. Arnaiz Avenue, Pasay City, Philippines. You can call them through the following phone numbers 63 (2) 5561672 or 63 (2) 5561607 or send them an email at They are open during office hours from Mondays to Fridays.


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  1. Pancho Cham says:

    I really enjoy going to little shops and looking around, even electrical supply shops. Next time I go to one, I’ll make sure to see if they have anything that I need. They’re very good at keeping their prices low.

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