Best Place To Celebrate Christmas – Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is known throughout the world for being a great place to spend the holidays. The city is full of places to shop, eat, drink, party and more. There are many occasions for enjoying what the city has to offer but one of the most special is Christmas. Christmas is big news in many cities and it means much more glitz and glam than normal. Hotels in Bangkok are heavily booked during Christmas period and sales take place in practically every mall.

Christmas in bangkok

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Christmas in bangkok

Huge Christmas tree in front of Central World. picture by – opportunity blog


Christmas in Bangkok is a beautiful sight. The city comes to life with international Christmas decorations and sights. The shopping malls actually offer some of the best decorations and displays, such as Paragon. Bangkok’s buildings, bridges, shops, trees, posts and even transportation are covered in colorful Christmas lights to bring the spirit of the festive time of year.

Christmas in bangkok

While Christmas is not traditionally Thai, there is nothing to tell you otherwise during your visit to Bangkok. There are many festivities that take place around the city, which can even be discovered simply by walking along the streets. Christmas lights in Bangkok tend to start being displayed on the 1st of December and last until New Years Eve, when different decorations take over.

It is not possible to pinpoint just one destination to visit for the best place to celebrate Christmas in Bangkok as it really depends on what you are looking for. Those that are looking for a delicious Christmas lunch or dinner can have a look at the famous hotels in Bangkok in order to make a better decision for bookings. Most of these hotels start taking books for Christmas lunch and dinner at the beginning of December. The Landmark is famous for offering a tasty Christmas buffet.

Christmas in bangkok

Another famous restaurant is D’Sens, which features set lunch and dinner for Christmas. It offers primarily French cuisine so it is better suited for those who aren’t looking for turkey and pie. Pubs in Bangkok, such as The Londoner, are also festive and offer Christmas meals. Irish style Christmas cuisine can be found at the Dubliner, where they will have roast turkey and plum pudding.

One of the most enjoyable things to do in Bangkok is to take a river cruise on the Chao Phraya. The cruise caters to Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner by offering a buffet of Thai and international cuisine. While they don’t offer traditional Christmas food, the sights of the river certainly make up for it.

What is your favorite best place to celebrate Christmas in Bangkok? Share with us at the comment section below!


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