A Guide To The Streets of Divisoria

Divisoria is a haven for those looking for a good bargain, especially when one plans to buy wholesale. This market district in the city of Manila is known for its wholesale and retail stores, shops, tiangges, bazaars, street markets and food stalls that offer products at very low prices.

A Guide To The Streets of Divisoria

Ready-to-wear (RTW), shoes, bags, electronics, textile, toys, fruits, party favors – you name it; you can find it in the streets of Divisoria. Because it is such a big place, it can be easy for you to get lost in the puzzle of streets that comprise it. Here is a quick guide to what streets you should visit and what you can find there:

Claro M. Recto Avenue

This is the best place to start because it cuts through all the other streets in Divisoria. Here you will find the Tutuban Shopping Complex – an enclosed shopping bazaar that sells almost everything you can think of. Along the street you can find small shops that sell RTW clothes, finishing equipment, tent and flooring material, traditional Chinese medicine and dried fish.

Juan Luna Street

Just a little bit off Binondo Church, Juan Luna Street is lined with t-shirt shops, where you can get wholesale orders. There are also commercial printers where you can order customized prints in bulk. As the wet market along Juan Luna, parts of the street can be wet and muddy at any given time.

Santa Elena Street

This short stretch starts at Chambre Street and ends at Tabora, where the New Divisoria Mall and public market is located. Here you can find the famous 168 Shopping Mall, which draws up to 45,000 shoppers during weekends.

Yllaya Street

This is one of the busiest parts of Divisoria and starts at the cross-section of Santa Elena and Juan Luna. This is home to Afdel Packaging Solutions or Commoner’s Commercial, which sells a wide range of packaging and plastic materials.

A Guide To The Streets of Divisoria

Tabora Street

Tabora street is the best place to find textile and sewing accessories, costumes, gowns and materials for upholstery and home interiors. You can also find extremely affordable wedding souvenirs and toys which are sold by the kilogram.

Planas and Felipe II Streets

Planas is lined with stalls selling local and imported fruits from all over the country. Felipe Street is another short stretch that starts at the 168 mall and ends at Meisic mall (or the other way around). Like Planas, it is a great place to find fresh fruits.

Asuncion and Elcano Streets

Two parallel streets that are cut across by C.M. Recto, Asuncion and El Cano are the best streets to find fresh ingredients and raw materials for food businesses. You can find shops that sell chicken, poultry, seasonings, condiment, processed food, fresh noodles, fish balls and other street food products.

Bilbao Street

A rather short stretch parallel to Planas, this is home to the Oriental Market, where you can find fresh fruits in season.

Sto. Cristo Street

This is a long road that has a more relaxed atmosphere than the other streets in Divisoria. Here you can find the New Divisoria Mall, Liwanag Candle Store, Gody’s Wax Center and Divisoria Bazaar.

Opening hours / Best time to visit Divisoria Streets

The Divisoria district has Juan Luna, Soler and Claro M. Recto Avenue for its main landmark streets. Most shops, stalls and malls in Divisoria are open as early as 8 PM the morning and close at 7 PM and are open throughout the week. Not all stores are open on Sundays, especially the smaller ones, but major malls and big commercial establishments are usually open then.


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