Saphan Phut – Night Market in Bangkok

Those that are looking for cheap garments and accessories in Bangkok should wander down to Saphan Phut Night Market for an evening of shopping. Saphan Phut, which means Memorial Bridge, is situated on the Bangkok side of the bridge itself. There are many places to see and much to eat at this evening market. Unlike some of Bangkok’s other markets, Saphan Phut Night Market caters to the youth and to those that do not want to spend much money on the latest trends.

saphan phut night market

Saphan Phut Night Market is open every evening of the week except for Monday. It starts to open in the early evening but stalls are not up and running until around 8pm. It is a favorite place for young Bangkok residents to visit and is one of the markets where bargaining is not as common. Items that seem to be valued at a low price already are ones to refrain from bargaining on. Aside from garments and accessories, the market is also full of shoes, toys, electronics, video games, CD’s and DVD’s.

T-shirts are known for being very low priced yet of high quality. There are plenty of t-shirts that are typically seen in Thailand, but there are many more unique items as well. Many independent clothing stores have little stalls set up at Saphan Phut Night Market, which makes for a unique selection of items. Dresses, skirts and pants are also on the cheaper side. Clothing is available for men, women and children so it is easy to shop for the whole family here.

saphan phut night market

Shoes are another popular item sold at Saphan Phut Night Market. Instead of spending money on authentic sports shoes or heels, Thai’s tend to enjoy buying cheaper options at markets such as this, which isn’t hard to understand when you consider the price difference between real and fake goods. The fake items are often not as durable as the authentic ones but they function well and are especially ideal for those that are keeping up with the latest fashion trends.

There are also several shops that sell second-hand clothing. Most of the second-hand clothing for sale does not actually originate from Thailand but comes from Europe and the US through the pier. It can be an interesting experience for those that enjoy finding one-of-a-kind items or are looking for vintage clothing. Other second hand items for sale include shoes and books.

Teens who visit the market also enjoy receiving henna tattoos during their visit. There are also stalls where artists are available to draw and paint portraits and other pieces for a decent price. It is common for buyers to take a picture of their family and ask the artist to recreate it as a piece of art.

Location: Ferry to Tha Saphan Phut (Memorial Bridge)
Opening Hours: 20:00-midnight / Tuesday-Sunday


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