Ukay-Ukay Mountain: Wholesale Clothes in Cordova, Cebu

Thinking of opening a thrift shop or used clothes business? Then the wholesale Ukay-Ukay Mountain in Cordova, Cebu might just be the place for you to go. Ukay-ukay or wagwagan stores are very popular all over the Philippines as a means for people to purchase good quality clothes without the expensive price tags.

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Mt. Ukay-Ukay in Cordova is a place where tons of clothes are available for bargain hunters and traders looking for a good deal. The place does not actually have store name, nor is it located inside a store. Instead, heaps of used clothes are made available inside a yard in barangay Ibabao Cordova and are made open for buyers. True to its name, you have to scour through mounds of clothes to find what you like.

The clothes came from a warehouse in the Mactan Export Processing Zone. When the warehouse was sold to a businessperson from Cagayan de Oro, the bundles of clothes came along with it. As the businessman was not into clothes and needed to have the warehouse renovated, they decided to make the clothes available for buyers for a very cheap price. Products range from lingerie to dresses to shirts to linen – basically anything and everything you can think of.

When the yard opened last November, they products were first sold in bundles of 100 pieces, which were at PHP 1000. Now, they are available per piece ranging from PHP 5 to 25 depending on the type and size of the product. Comforters and quilts are usually the most expensive at PHP 25. The bundles are still available today for those who want to buy wholesale. They also donated a thousand bundles of clothes to victims of Typhoon Yolanda in Northern parts of Cebu. They also donated 25 bundles to victims of the earthquake in Bohol.

Opening hours
The ukay-ukay yard is open from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.


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